A Quick Introduction

Hello, blog audience! My name is Veronica and I am starting this blog with my two ladies, Susie and Phoenix, because after a few classy cocktails (coughmanycheapbeerscough) we realized we just have too many ridiculous stories to keep them to ourselves. We are looking forward to solidarity from our fellow females, or maybe just to entertain the masses with our hopefully hilarious and semi-shameful sagas. All 3 of us are living in the same city in Southeast Asia, but are constantly traveling, and hail from different parts of the planet. This is the expat life, indeed!

Susie, Phoenix, and I like to think we’ve seen it all. But then you come across a pirate dick on Tinder and all your preconceptions about romance go out the window. We are going to try to remain as dignified as possible on this blog, but it’s kind of hard to take things too seriously when you go out for a drink with the gals and wake up next to a Carrot Top impersonator.

When you take a trio of young, modern ladies flying solo around the world, some kooky experiences with men/women are bound to occur. So stick around and whether you are feeling pity for us or are laughing with us, greetings lovely humans. We hope to share with you stories of promiscuity, love, and cultures colliding. For all you girls out there who have had embarrassing, beautiful, or bizarre encounters, just know this: you are not alone.