Harlots Abroad- A trio of 20-something expat girls with scandalous stories to share.


We are 3 expatriate girls in our 20s with some ridiculous stories to share of our shenanigans, romantic rendezvous, and trysts abroad. Our travels have brought us to the far corners of the Earth, places like Scandinavia, China, Guatemala, Bali, Israel, Ecuador, Canada, and France, to name a few. Now we find ourselves living and working in Southeast Asia, and damn do we have some stories to share with you.


For the record, if you are a misogynistic dickface, you can fuck off. We monitor comments and if we feel threatened, harassed, or uncomfortable, we will delete your post in about the same amount of time it takes you to say, ‘But not all men!’ All three of us are open-minded, progressive, and embrace all orientations, body types, nationalities, etc. Harlots Abroad is a safe space that we have created in our corner of the internet for us to interact with a certain community- not a dumping ground for your hateful spewings.


Contact us at: harlotsabroad@gmail.com if you would like to leave a guest post!

girlshboAt this point we are way more Girls…

photo credit


2008-sex-and-the-city-002…than Sex and the City.

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