An Eating Contest

So today I read an article on teaching guys how to eat a pussy. It was cool, it got me giggle a bit like a high school girl.  But talking about the ultimate pussy eating contest, I remember this guy was something.

I don’t usually go for guys that much older than me, I have to be honest, some of my guys are couple years younger than me. On the other hand, this guy is about nine years older than me, that was a bit of a stretch.

He’s a friend of my roommate, he’s like a sex/relationship guru. I still remember the first time I meet him, I was going through boy crisis (as usual), He answered all my doubts and even taught a couple tricks to deal with guys. There’s one thing about older guys, they’re honest and they have guts. One night, we went out for some drinks and played some pool, afterwards he offered to walk me home (what a gentleman!) Well…. One thing leads to another….. We were about to do it.  One thing with older guys, it’s harder for them to get it hard! At that point, i didn’t know what to do, he said it’s fine, but I felt bad. We decided to have a smoke and then call it a night. Yet it could be his ego or he felt like it was his job to get me off that night, he decided to go down on me. Once he got down there, he was down there for a good four hours…….. He’s on my world record.

Able to f*ck for four hours, I consider that pretty good for a guy, but eating me for four hours, I lost count on how many orgasms I had that night. It was a lot of fun. That’s one thing I like about this article, not beacuse the author got the technique down or got some of the right moves. It’s the fact his intention is to please us, woman, and I think if I had experienced that once, I’m sure there’s more people are that giving/caring. Also, if any of you dudes are reading this, You dick is not your only tool, if you enjoy us giving you blowjobs, return a favor, cus we like it too.




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