A Play Date With Susie and Veronica

Susie and I had some extra time on our hands on an afternoon in Hong Kong recently, so we wandered into a sex shop near the famous escalator in Central. Sally Coco was the bomb. I’ve visited some other shops in HK before, and they looked like Hagrid’s cabin compared to this place (think more spider-infested and moldy, rather than cozy and beardy).


The stylish entrance to Sally Coco

Sally Coco Intimate Lifestyle Store immediately garnered a chorus of ‘oohs’ and ‘aahs’ from me and Suzester. In typical Hong Kong fashion, it wasn’t the giant warehouse of fake throbbing cocks like you might find elsewhere, but rather a refined collection of luxurious toys and lingerie.


The bondage section awaits…

A couple of my favorite moments included tasting some hazelnut lube and accidentally squirting the tube everywhere. Lube explosion! Also, at one point Susie was manhandling a couple of contraptions with a confused on her look on her face. I walked over like, ‘hey sister, nice butt plugs you got there,’ and she flipped! ‘Butt plugs?! This goes UP THERE?!’


Trust me, Susie and Veronica tried out every one of those lovely toys

The customer service was amazing, as we had a younger girl who was really friendly and answered our million questions, like ‘how do you turn this vibrator on,’ and ‘how do you turn THIS vibrator on?’ It’s so nice to go shopping for a vibrator and not have a brown toothed biker stud grinning at you from behind a counter. I may have splurged a bit, but with the luck I’ve been having with men lately, I feel like it’s a worthy investment. They even special-ordered a little treat I wanted but wasn’t in stock, which would arrive in a few days.


The fun goodies we drew out of the fantasy jar




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