Push Deeper

If you have not had a one night stand, then give yourself a pat on the back. Good for you!

But this story is about one of my one nights since I broke up with my ex-ex-ex boyfriend. It’s been a couple of months I have gotten laid, and when you are with a boyfriend, sex becomes a regular thing. So one random Spetember, I was coming from a sex withdrawn, not feeling so great. I decide to go clubbing that night, please note my first intention was to try dance off this desperation for sex, and have a good sleep by myself in my bed.

Yet that night, we went to a semi sleazy bar, the crowd was not bad and we danced our night away. Then there came this guy with his friends, of course, trying to get some, I thought “he’s kind of cute!” As we dance, more like grinding, together, we are already making out with each other.  Well…. Then you know what come next.

Things are going great, there’s lust and passion. All the ingredients to make a good one night stand. Then I started to wait for him to come, so I could just pass out on his beautiful king size bed. I rubbed his balls, made fake coming noise and so, but still nothing worked. So I finally asked him. “Are you Alright? Are you gonna come?” He looked at me, grab my middle finger and shoved my finger right up into his ass, and then he said “can you please go deeper?”

Well….. He came at last, but seriously base on how excited he is suddenly getting into, I questioned his sexuality in my mind. Anal is never my thing, but gotta help a bro to finish what he started, plus it would be very awkward to just walk out at that moment. At the end, I passed out in an amazing bed at the finest hotel, but that finger is tainted forever. Ewwwww………

All in All, I have to say it was quite an experience, I always know that there’s a hidden g-spot for the guys, but to actually see a guy is getting off from that little spot hidden right up his ass, that was eye-opening. However, that might be my first and last time ever did that.

Try it yourself if you dare!




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